Anchor & Fall Arrest Systems

Temporary anchor systems to access all areas of the roof safely.

If your building is inaccessible for a cherry picker, we can install temporary anchor systems to access all areas of the roof safely.

Did you know?
As the building owner/ tenant it is your responsibility to ensure that all contractors are accessing/ working on the roof in a safe way and within the law.

Under current law, contractors are not allowed to leave the safety of the cherry picker cage without the use of a lanyard/ anchor system. Contractors are not allowed to anchor to the cherry picker, however many do! They are breaking the law.

Should an accident occur, investigations will be made and in most cases it’s the building owners/ tenants who are blamed for the lack of Health and Safety provision – this can and has resulted in a prison sentence.

With this in mind, here at Action 4 Gutters we have designed and trained all operatives in the installation and use of a unique anchor system which conforms to the current British and European laws.

In most situations the anchors can be left in place, for future roof access/ work.

If you would like a demonstration of this system, please do not hesitate to ask.



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